Villa Olmo

Neoclassical villa, famous exhibition place

This villa is a great example of neoclassical architecture. Its construction started at the end of 18th century and was finished in 1812 by marquesses Odescalchi. It belonged to family Raimondi and Visconti di Modrone. In 1925 Como municipality decided to make it a place for cultural events and art exhibitions. Villa Olmo is definitely the most majestic villa at Como lake. It is composed of a huge park and many buildings. Among them, the central building, which is used as exhibition place, the building on the north side, the south and the north casinos, greenhouses, tennis courts, an international hostel and a lido.

Villa Gallia

Villa built in the 17th century
This is the oldest villa in the Borgovico neighborhood. It was built in 1615 as abbot Marco Gallio’s summer house. It occupies the place Museo Gioviano used to be located in. Museo Gioviano was built in the first half of XVI century as Paolo Giovio’s personal museum. The building had been Giovios’ property till 1772. Nowadays it belongs to Provincia di Como.

Villa Oleandra

Villa built in the 18th century.
George Clooney’s villa is located in the small town of Laglio. The actor purchased the home around 2002 from the Heinz family, the kings of ketchup.

Villa del Grumello

Villa with gardens and stables
Villa del Grumello was eventually finished in the 18th century after varoius vicissitudes. We got proofs of its presence back in the 15th century. The villa was enriched with gardens and stables and hosted important people, such as Alessandro Volta and Ugo Foscolo. It was restored in the 2000’s and was taken back to its glorious past. Its greenhouses have been restored along with its stables that became places for workshops and courses.

Villa Saporiti – La Rotonda

Villa that hosted Napoleon in 1797
It was built between 1790 and 1793 for marchioness Eleonora Villani. The villa belonged to Villani family till 1858 when it was sold to marquess Marcello Rocca Saporiti and named after him. Despite some late adjustments, the building keeps its original shape both in the structure and its spaces. The villa is a 2-floor building which is also known as “La Rotonda” (circle) as its central space is round. Many famous people were hosted here between the end of XVIII and the beginning of XIX century. Among them Napoleon who visited Como in 1797. In 1950 the villa was bought by the provincial administration that established its headquarters here.

Villa Erba

Villa Erba in Cernobbio is one of the most important villas on Lake Como. It was built between 1894 and 1898, designed by architects Angelo Savoldi and Giovan Battista Borsani. The client was Luigi Erba, brother and heir of Carlo, one of the major pharmaceutical industrialists of the time.

Villa D’Este

Villa Erba in Cernobbio is one of the most important villas on Lake Como. It was built between 1894 and 1898, designed by architects Angelo Savoldi and Giovan Battista Borsani. The client was Luigi Erba, brother and heir of Carlo, one of the major pharmaceutical industrialists of the time.

Villa Balbianello

From the tip of the small wooded peninsula of Lavedo, stretching sheer over the waters of the center of Lake Como, the Villa elegantly overlooks a wide panorama that makes it one of the most spectacular residences on the Lario. The initiator of the wonders of Balbianello was Cardinal Durini, scholar and patron of the arts, who at the end of the eighteenth century chose this corner of the lake to make it a retreat of delight and literary leisure. A vocation recovered in modern times by Guido Monzino, entrepreneur, collector and passionate traveller, who in 1974 made the Villa a refuge where he could keep the memories of an adventurous life in order and taste which led him, the first Italian, to the top of Everest. His daily life and fortunate deeds emerge from maps, travel tools, books, furnishings and as precious as they are curious collections of ancient and primitive art objects: everything is still set up according to his wishes, such as the relics of his well-known mountaineering feats , kept in the fascinating Shipping Museum. By his will, in 1988 the Foundation took charge of the rigorous management of the Villa, preserving its spirit that also lives on in the astonishing garden that the FAI maintains with the same maniacal perfection. The beauty and wonder of Balbianello, which can also be accessed from the lake, were the key that prompted many Hollywood directors to set famous sagas here, such as those of Star Wars and 007.

Villa Melzi

The Gardens of Villa Melzi d’Eril, among the most beautiful of Europe, rise along the shores of Lake Como near Bellagio, harmoniously inserted into the hilly landscape between the two branches of the lake. Inside the Gardens stand the Villa, the Chapel and the Orange Greenhouse (or Orangérie), now a Museum of great historical relevance. The Gardens of Villa Melzi d’Eril are a splendid expression of the Neoclassical style, and have been declared a national monument.

The complex was created between 1808 and 1810 for Francesco Melzi d’Eril (1753-1816), Duke of Lodi, Vice-president of Napoleon’s Italian Republic and, later, Grand Chancellor of the Kingdom of Italy. Francesco Melzi d’Eril entrusted the design of the villa and of the Gardens to the architect and ornamentalist Giocondo Albertolli (1742-1839), one of the foremost exponents of Neoclassicism. His vision was of a sober and elegant Villa, with essential lines and volumes that would allow the splendid surrounding landscape to hold centre-stage.

Villa La Cassinella

A place of extraordinary beauty, tranquility and elegance, Villa la Cassinella is a secluded private estate on the western shore of romantic Lake Como. Set amongst spacious, perfectly manicured gardens, the estate consists of the stunning main Villa, a pool house with cinema and gym and the enchanting Terrace House. Unquestionably one of the world’s finest and most exclusive retreats, Villa la Cassinella is a truly exceptional destination where up to 17 guests can relax and enjoy unsurpassed levels of style and luxury and for the comfort of each guest Villa la Cassinella provides a full staff to take care of every possible request. A perfect blend of world-class amenities with classic Italian design and exquisite attention to every last detail is evident throughout. Villa La Cassinella is a rare delight that charms and enthralls at every turn.

Villa Troubetzkoy

Built around 1850 by Russian Prince Troubetzkoy, married to one of the daughters of famous Ballerina Marta Taglioni. The Prince came to the area after having served six months heavy labour in a Siberia for plotting against Czar Nicholas I.

Villa Pliniana

Villa Pliniana is a villa originally built in 1574, on a pre-existing although more modest building, in the territory of the municipality of Torno, in the province of Como, on the right bank of the western branch of Lake Como. The villa, located in a wooded inlet of the lake, takes its name from the two Como scholars and historians Pliny the Elder and his nephew Pliny the Younger who were the first to mention the characteristic intermittent source (now passing inside the building) in some of their documents.

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