Medieval building in the heart of Como

Broletto is a medieval building with some Gothic elements. It used to be Como municipal building, starting from XIII century. Citizens used to gather in front of Theater since the 19th century


Teatro Sociale


Teatro Sociale was inaugurated in 1813, when Giuseppe Verdi was born. Since its beginning, Teatro Sociale has been a center of attention that attracts the most important musicians and opera singers. In 1899, 100 years after the invention of Volta’s electric battery, Teatro Sociale was provided with electric light. In 1943 it hosted Teatro alla Scala that was not habitable because of World War II bombing. Nowadays, Teatro Sociale is open 300 days a year with theater, opera, concerts and dance exhibitions.

Porta torre


Medieval town entrance

Porta Torre (tower) was built in 1192. It is part of the town walls and the most interesting medieval monument. It is located in the south side of the town. It is 40 meters high with arches and it used to be the main entrance for people coming from Milan.

Tempio Voltiano


Neoclassical temple dedicated to Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta’s “Temple”, the Tempio Voltiano was inaugurated on 15th July 1928, it was built on the occasion of the first centenary of Alessandro Volta’s death (1745-1827). Francesco Somaini (1855-1939), owner of a cotton mill in Como and Member of Parliament had the idea of building a place devoted to the memory of the great physicist and to preserve his scientific tools and documents. He had painfully witnessed the ravaging fire that had destroyed the pavilions of the Great Exhibition arranged in Como for the first centenary of the invention of the electric battery, in the summer of 1799. Somaini provided all the necessary financial resources.The architect Federico Frigerio (1873-1959) was put in charge of the project. He believed that “to honour a man who was among the brightest glories of the Napoleonic Era” the most appropriate style would be the Neoclassical style.
The building was featured on the 10.000 Liras bill.


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